Mentorat pour photographes

Click Pro chez Click&Co et artiste chez Cavan, Annick se distingue par son originalité, sa maîtrise de la lumière et sa manière de raconter des histoires visuellement. Elle est reconnue pour son honnêteté et pour sa gentillesse lorsqu’elle communique ses critiques constructives. Elle mentore actuellement des photographes à travers le monde.

Voici les aspects sur lesquels elle offre de l’accompagnement, au coût de 150$/heure.

  • Revue de portfolio écrite ou en direct et analyse de la voix photographique

  • Analyse de vos forces et de vos zones d’amélioration

  • Utilisation de la lumière

  • Compositions avancées et storytelling

  • Traitement d’images dans LightRoom

  • Analyse de sites Internet

  • Utilisation du mode manuel d’un appareil reflex

  • Photographie documentaire

  • Grâce aux incroyables conseils d’Annick, j’ai augmenté considérablement la qualité de mes photos tant sur le plan technique qu’émotionnel. À l’aide de ses critiques constructives et de ses connaissances photographiques exceptionnelles, l’expérience de mentorat avec Annick a été en a été une extraordinairement positive et importante dans mon développement. Maintenant, à chaque fois que je saisi mon appareil photo, c’est comme si j’avais toujours mon coach qui m’accompagne dans ma quête du moment parfait… Merci pour tout Annick.

    Krystel Beaulieu, Québec
  • Annick, thank you so much for last night! I walked away feeling so encouraged. You are an incredible instructor and have completely transformed my photography in 3 mentoring sessions. I cannot thank you enough.

    Tyrie Mehaffey, IIlinois
  • I would totally recommend Annick for mentoring and portfolio reviews. She took the time to thoroughly review my portfolio and provide detailed evaluation of my images and recommendations for improvement. She was friendly and helpful and I’d recommend her to anyone who is seeking advice and guidance”.

    Merissa Wakefield, Australia
  • Annick, I cannot thank you enough for the past hour!!! I felt as if I had been running on a treadmill the past year- shooting in hopes of getting better but not having any real direction. Your help, CC, and suggestions were such a game changer, and I now have targeted areas of growth! I will definitely be reaching out for another session in a few months.

    Tyrie Mehaffey, Illinois
  • I don't even know where to start with this review.. I had been struggling with my work and finding my style and understanding more about different lighting and composition. I looked online, I looked on youtube, I read articles, and then I was introduced to Annick. - Life changed..

    I immediately felt so comfortable talking with her, she understood my every concern. With Annick's help I was able to revive my love again for photography. She encouraged me, pushed me, made me see things I didn't and could never have seen without her guidance. I wanted to just stop.quit.give up. And I now feel like a new person. I now feel I have the confidence in myself that Annick saw all along. She helped me to reveal myself artistically and to reach beyond where I thought my limits were.

    Mentoring with her got me into ClickPro -  Her honesty was never harsh - just honest. Annick works in a way that completely lifts you up and I am so thankful our paths crossed. At the end of the day not only did she help me she became someone I can call my friend. I love her for that. I never felt I was bugging her. I never felt I was "stupid" to ask a basic question. Absolutely hands down one of the best investments I have made in my 7 year career.

    Don't wait... Just do it!!! If your thinking of finding a mentor who will actually walk the whole 9 yards with you - you just did..

    Thank you Annick

    Nicola Healey, North Carolina
  • Just had my live critique with Annick Paradis and it was awesome!! She took 3 of my images and helped me see what I need to work on and showed me how to go about it. She took a couple images into lightroom and it was amazing. So interesting to see how someone else can bring your photos to a whole different level. I really enjoyed talking to her and learning from her. Would definitely do it again and again. Thanks so much!

    Rebecca Cullimore, USA
  • I recently attended an online mentoring session with Annick from Annick&Simon photographes. It was such a fantastic experience from start to finish! Annick contacted me to plan the session which was tailored for my individual requirements. I then spent two hours online with Annick where she discussed a number of my images and offered guidance on composition, lighting, mood, story and post processing. Annick’s guidance was invaluable and I was so grateful that she helped to give me techniques to strengthen my own voice. Watching Annick edit an image live was one of the highlights and helped me understand how post processing can impact the story of an image. If you are looking for an individualized mentoring experience, I highly recommend Annick. You will be delighted with her knowledge and her friendly and motivating nature. I will definitely be booking another session in the future!

    Joanne Sweeney, Australie
  • I feel so very grateful to have Annick's wisdom & insight in mentoring as we walk through my portfolio together. With each image we review I learn so much about photography, composition, light, editing, storytelling and voice. She is kind, clear and honest. My heart is overflowing with thanks!

    Trish Reschly, USA