Our Story

Only a few months after our first date in 2008, photography became a part of our own story. After seeing Simon’s amazing pictures of Argentina’s nature and wildlife, Annick was convinced of Simon’s talent as a photographer and slowly agreed to become his part-time muse. Simon went on to capture unprecendented images of this rare urban animal and by doing so, also captured her heart.


It was during our trips to Costa Rica in 2009 and Brazil in 2011 that our passion for capuring subjects in their natural environment really took off.  Annick joined Simon on the other side of the lens and together they started filling memory cards with herons and river otters at the speed of light.

The arrival of our first child in 2012 saw our hard drive explode! This little human quickly became our favorite subject to photograph and we didn’t want to miss a single moment. During her maternity leave, Annick documented every aspect of Edmond’s life in her images, using every single ray of light she could find.

In 2013, Edmond’s photographs attracted attention from family and friends and soon we had many requests for lifestyle photography sessions. Annick&Simon photographers was born.

The birth of our daughter in 2015 coincided with the announcement of a year long stay in Australia. Filled with happiness, we moved to Melbourne, where our passion for photography became an obsession! To help our families to feel closer to us during our stay “Down Under”, Annick decided to take on the “one picture a day” challenge  to document the lives of our littles “roos”. This project allowed her to build a portfolio of our everyday pictures and subsequently obtain recognition and global visibility as a photographer. This year in Australia brought a bundle of professional accomplishments. Annick was accepted as a Click Pro within Click&Co., has begun to write blog posts for Clickin Moms and Click Magazine, and has been a regular contributor at the Click Pro Daily Project. She received a “2016  and 2017 Editor’s Choice” from Clickin Moms for her creativity. Annick is now renowned for her use of light and her style is said to be bold and colorful.

Our story tells how our love for real life images, without posing and direction, taken in our everyday “jungle” has grown and flourished! We find we can best express our artistic vision when documenting the every day, so we use this as a guide when working with families.

Now, in 2016, we have changed the focus of our business to offer our unique family documentary sessions to you. We want to build magnificent family albums with pictures that reflect your family, your love and your bonds.

We are eager to discover your family story and to deliver it to you in images that are as beautiful as your family.

See you soon,


Some facts about us!


-looooooves Cadbury eggs and is always in search of the best latte on the planet!

-won a spelling competition in 6th grade

-received the nickname of “effective cheetah” from her last employer

-has a Master’s degree in Public Administration

-still laughs when watching “The Nerds” or “Christmas Vacation” movies


-knows every detail about every movie on the planet!

-can eat a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting

-playfully competes with Annick over whose Master’s degree is more esteemed

-collects Lego figurines and proudly displays them on the dashboard of his car