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Fleeting to Timeless: Composing Stories that Last a Lifetime


Learn to compose stories that last a lifetime and how to turn a fleeting moment into a timeless one!  From composing with intention to carefully shooting like a hunter, Annick Paradis will help you improve your composition and storytelling skills.  You’ll go behind the scenes with Annick during a family session to see how she composes on the fly to create timeless stories.  Then you’ll watch her cull down through moments and add her finishing touches in Lightroom!

You are a storyteller. Come join our tribe! 

What you’ll learn. 


Learn how to use the rules of composition to structure your story 


Learn how to communicate through your imagery 


Learn how to macro- and micro-compose your images in order to capture the most details possible to relive the moment. 


Through pullbacks, learn how Annick composes her images using the techniques discussed in the Breakout. She will also share with you how she culls through moments 

What’s included 

  • A beautiful 104 page eBook on the interplay of composition and storytelling to help you improve your albums and galleries 
  • A 18 page PDF with 7 exercises to improve your storytelling skills  
  • 1 shooting video during a family session 
  • 1 pull back video 
  • 2 culling videos 
  • 1 video of images being critiqued
  • 60 minutes of bonus editing videos  
  • Bonus presets created by Annick 
  • Bonus pdf “Enhancing your family album” 
  • Bonus pdf “My thoughts on post-processing” 
  • Bonus pdf “Annick’s cheat sheet” 
  • This breakout has been truly inspiring and transformative for me. I have been challenged to look deeply both at my body of work as well as my own self. Annick has empowered me to find the stories I want to tell and has given me the tools to tell those stories through my photographs. I love that all the content is actionable and there are exercises to help me put everything I’m learning into practice. There is no filler or fluff. The breakout truly lives up to its description! I feel like a caterpillar crawling out of her chrysalis ready to spread my wings as a butterfly. Thank you, Annick!!

  • I know it will sound cheesy when I say that this Breakout changed my whole photography but… this is the truth. When I pre-signed for this I just wanted to overcome my slump and motivate myself to take new photos. What I got is absolutely amazing. First of all, during live BO Annick answers all the questions straight away which speeds up everything. Also she gives an amazing and detailed feedback to the photos, which is so precious! The PDF Book is clear and packed with so many informations that is unbelievable. I am coming back to it and learn something new every time I read it. Videos are so well explained and there is so much to learn from them and let me tell you, this beautiful voice of Annick stays in your head! Every time I take photos I hear Annick’s voice (and her amazing accent!): “boring!”, “no action!”, “wait for connection”, “macro composition is not good”, “watch the LINES”, “distraction”, “clean the mess”, “what story do you want to tell?”, “moooove, quick, change your position”, “now! NOW! Shooooot!”. I started to see details which I have never seen before and it improved and is still improving my photography. I started producing photos which I finally like and I am proud of. Honestly Annick, I couldn’t thank you more for this. I was seeing things before but I didn’t see them, you changed it. Thank you.

  • This breakout is absolutely amazing! Annick has poured her heart into every element of this, she’s been so helpful on the forums and reapinds to every question and comment that I’ve had. The knowledge and creativity she brings in every page and video is illuminating, I’ve had several moments in this breakout that made the lightbulb flicker, I went back into my own work and saw many things they I hadn’t noticed before. I can say without a doubt that I have already started to implement the techniques I’ve learned in this breakout into my own work. I highly recommend this breakout to anyone at any level, you definitely learn a lot!

    April Vargas
  • There is a “before the breakout” and an “after the breakout” for me and for a lot of people in the forum. Annick has a real talent to use simple terms to exmplain for “complex” concepts. It makes it very accessible for everyone. She goes straight to the point when she explains, give examples, lists of the main things to remember… She was more than present on the forum, encouraging everyone and always sharing new propositions and projects to improve our skills. It makes it so easy to grab the camera and remember what work on while shooting! Thanks again Annick!!

  • Of the classes I have taken in my photography journey, I will tell you that Annick Paradis is one of the best coaches one could ever have. If you come across the chance to work with Annick, let me tell you this dear reader: RUN, “DO NOT WALK”, TO SIGN UP WITHOUT HESITATION. HURRY BEFORE THE CLASS FILLS UP!! Your reward will be an expansion of your thinking, your skills, and a new enlightenment on your approach photography like no other can provide. We all like positive reinforcement to keep on going. Teaching/coaching the art of photography can be tricky because our vision of what looks good or what is “art” may not be what other people see. Annick has that fabulous ability to provide encouragement in your work, yet also to not be afraid to provide the hard critique too. In my opinion, her fearlessness to tell you the “hard news” is the most beneficial way to learn. How can we ever improve if we are only around “yes” people, and who tread lightly so as to not hurt feelings? Have you ever had a teacher who rarely gave compliments, but once received, you knew that it was TRULY EARNED and not just lip service? Do you remember that feeling that you truly did accomplish something? That is what happens when Annick says, “you are not there yet”…but then in the end, and after improvement, she gives you the praise. This woman is fabulous. Learn with her. Grow with her. Expand your skills with her and take her classes. I for one will be back for as many times as I can. Just love you Annick Paradis!!!!!

    Mary Parker